March 20th - March 23rd, 2024

We captured a 3D image of each of our California Spring Trials showcases in Santa Paula. Tour through them now and click on info tags to learn about the newest plants from the companies on display.

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The Ball stop of CAST2024 will take place at the PanAmerican Seed research facility located at:

335 S. Briggs Rd.
Santa Paula, CA 93060

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Q: Is this event open to the public?

A: No, this is not a public event. This is an industry wide sales and marketing event held by the flower breeders in the horticultural industry to showcase new varieties and introductions. This event is held for our customers, which are growers, retailers, and wholesale companies. There are no flowers, or any other merchandise sold at this event.

Q: I am a Master Gardener. Does this mean I can attend?

A: If you are interested in visiting, please contact Janessa Bender for more information on this special request. or 630 588-3187

Q: Do I have to register for this event?

A: Yes. Registration is required so that we can be sure of being properly staffed during your visit, and to ensure we have accurate numbers for our catering team. (If your visit date changes, you may go back into your email confirmation to update your registration.)

Q: Is there parking available onsite?

A: We do have a parking lot with a limited number of spots. Please try and carpool if your group is large.

Q: Do you have room for a bus to park?

A: We would need to make special arrangements for a bus to park, please contact Janessa Bender to discuss. or 630 588-3187

Q: Do you have catalogs and other literature available at this event?

A: We will have a limited number of literature and catalogs available at this event. We encourage our customers to order through the company website.

Q: If I have too much to carry, can I leave it at your registration desk?

A: We recommend you leave extra items in your vehicle as our staff cannot be responsible for items left behind unattended as they will be busy working the event and attending to customers.

Q: I would like to ship some catalogs and other items back to my office instead of taking them on the plane. Can I do that?

A: We do not have the capacity to arrange for shipments from our Santa Paula location. We will be happy to direct you to the nearest FedEx or other shipping facility.

Q: Do you have cell phone charging stations at your stop?

A: Yes! We will have charging stations throughout the greenhouses. (Please remember that we are not liable for any phone/electronic item that is left unattended.)

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